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How many websites are there in the world? Estimates range from anywhere between 1.5 billion to over 2 billion functional websites. Increased web hosting options, lower cost of web hosting and domain registration, and the fact that anyone can create a website with relative ease make it impossible to know the exact amount.

So, StatsFind developed a formula for estimating the total number of sites globally. We’ll give you the breakdown so you can use our daily calculator confidently.

But first, today’s total:


(Updated: 04/20/2024)

How do we calculate the total number of websites in the world?

First, we start with a base number and a date. What was a recently published tally? First Site Guide provides us with this information. As of September 12, 2022, there are approximately 1,980,000,000 websites.

Question and answer box: How many websites in the world are there?
Image source: First Site Guide

Next, we determine the average number of websites created daily. For this answer, Siteefy states that each day 252,000 new websites appear.

citation explaining the daily number of new websites in the world
Image source: Siteefy

However, we need to take into account websites that are decommissioned each day. provides a huge help by publishing domains deleted in the last seven days. With a little math, we determine that as of January 1, 2023, 196,558 domains shut down each day.

Now, we have all the variables we need. To calculate the total number of websites globally on today’s date:

1. Calculate the number of days since the base date (September 12, 2022). On January 1, 2023, that number would be 111.

2. Determine the average increase in new daily websites by subtracting the websites decommissioned daily from the websites created each day:

252,000 – 196,558 = 55,442

3. Find out the total increase since September 12, 2022:

55,442 x 111 = 6,154,062

That means the total number of websites as of January 1, 2023, is 1,986,154,062. This is our new base number.

4. The formula for estimating the number of websites globally for today’s date is:

1,986,154,062 + (55,442 x [number of days since January 1, 2023])

Note – We will periodically update these variables with the most recent information published:

  • Base Number
  • Base Date
  • Number of websites created daily
  • Number of websites deleted daily

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